This is our unique user guarantee

We will make sure that you can switch to bouw7 without any problems.

Thanks to the bouw7 importer, you can keep working immediately.

Switching to a different or new software package is not an easy choice for everybody. Thanks to the bouw7 importer, we will import all your existing client and project date directly into the bouw7 environment. This enables you to keep on working!

Our software team has successfully executed the transition of several accounting programs on to bouw7. Before bouw7 will be installed for your company, we will provide a user training. If you desire, we will deliver bouw7 on location. We also give training to everybody. We always go through all the processes with everyone that is involved. This way you can make sure that you will not encounter any surprises.

All existing customer and project data will be converted by us and imported into bouw7 with our bouw7 importer.

If one of your colleagues has a question whilst working with bouw7, you can contact us directly from the apps. Our service desk is ready for you on every working day of the week!

We are convinced that bouw7 has additional value for every construction company. This means that even after the installation, we will help to reach the maximum potential out of our software.

Bouw7 is the only software package which really connects to all your company processes in construction and has been developed from the perspective of the employee.

Curious about what bouw7 can mean for your business?

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