Project management

Time tracking

Efficiently keeping track of hours

It doesn't get any easier than this

With Exact build7 online time tracking, you can easily keep track of the effort and productivity of yourself and your employees. On your tablet, smartphone, or computer you can select a project in which you can submit and edit the worked hours immediately or after work.

Quickly start working, at anytime

It is not always necessary to create a project (work order) in order to start working. It often happens that a client has a small job in between jobs. In that case, you can always set up a project or invoice at a later point.

Connect worked hours to invoices

Worked hours can be submitted to the work order and invoice. It’s also possible to work with multiple people on one work order. The time will be adjusted automatically.

Productivity made visible

You get an excellent overview of the productivity of every single employee, which can be done by comparing employees and periods. With the online time tracking an employee can also see his or her own worked hours, which prevents any discussions afterwards.

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