Project management

Relationship management

All information always accessible

Never search for contact information again

The relationship management window clearly shows you an overview of all your contacts and relations. Relations can be clients as well as suppliers and subcontractors. Through this combination, updating and managing several different lists belongs to the past.

Relatiebeheer op laptop - bouw7

Make no mistakes anymore

Per client easily search and manage all data. Never encounter wrong information of valuable clients due to having to copy data.

Searching for that one project of two years ago

Every project in build7 is saved belonging to the specified contacts, making client and project history always at hand. In this way, you can find all essential information immediately without having to search long for it.

Everything digitally

The perfect replacement of your paper files. You can save drawings, tools, purchase receipts, photos, and more, and link them to projects and contacts so that searching for them again is easy and fast.

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