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"Business risks are reduced and project teams are being unburdened."

Alex Boorsma - Head of ICT
Two years ago mobile work on the construction site was still in its infancy. BGDD project teams now use various apps on their tablets to optimize the project management on site. A user-friendly way of working which also reduces business risks.

User-friendly platform

Alex Boorsma – Head  ICT & Team Leader Administration: ‘The whole process started with the purchase of iPads. These tablets were initially used by a part of the project teams, in particular for agenda management and e-mail traffic. We then purchased certain apps for these iPads. With a so-called Scrum app, for example, the project teams monitor actions on the construction site. The most up-to-date information is easily accessible to the entire team.

Another important app is Exact build7. We wanted to collect more business processes in one user-friendly platform. Some of our requirements could be met immediately. The app records and processes constructor’s tickets, time registration, constructor’s daily log, co-driver’s scheme and progress reports. Now working on laptops with complicated programs, is a thing of the past.

Unburdening project teams

The Exact build7 app is linked to the main system of BGDD. The fast and efficient way of working makes it possible for us to unburden our project teams. At the same time, business risks are reduced because certain control moments are also built in. As a result, the quality of the data is much better.

Among the employes of BGDD there is a high support for working with the app. The app has been created in phases, in collaboration with employees from various departments. Moreover, it is an advantage that Exact build7 is in nearby in Dokkum. Sander therefore easily steps in and can show on the spot how something can be solved. That’s working!’

A solid 'working tool'

Henk Borger – Constructor BGDD: “Working with the Exact build7 app is pleasant to me.The app is well-organized and user-friendly.This makes sure that the app relieves me of my work and saves me time. A big advantage is the fact that I do not have to save the file in which I am working. I can just close the app and walk away without losing any data.

Risks on the construction site, mileage registration and time sheets are visible to my colleagues thanks to the app. I also have direct insight into spent hours and am able to make a precise progress report.

In short, it is a solid ‘working tool’.”

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