Highlighted project

Triodos Bank Zeist

Our software solution contributes to the realization of progressive, sustainable construction projects. Sustainability is therefore an important theme within Exact build7. The new construction project of the Triodos Bank in Zeist is an example of such a sustainable partnership.

Sustainable society

Triodos Bank has the mission to realize a sustainable society. They do this by connecting the money of savers and investors with sustainable entrepreneurs and initiatives in society. Triodos Bank believes that it should leave a positive impact in all its work.

The new accommodation at Landgoed De Reehorst therefore goes beyond the environmental friendliness of the building. Triodos also wants to create a building for its employees and visitors where it is pleasant to work and to be.

Sustainable innovations

Triodos Bank will use sustainable innovations on the estate and in the building, which aim to close cycles as much as possible. In order to close the food cycle, for example, they aspire to grow crops on the estate for catering purposes. They also aim to close the (sky) water, energy and waste recycling cycles. The building itself is perhaps the most special in this context, because it will be ‘remontable’. This makes it possible in the (far) future to disassemble and rebuild elsewhere.

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