Project management

Project planning

Simple and full control of your projects

Control and insights

The project planning of build7 clarifies in a blink of an eye which projects are active and which are planned. Every change made in the planning is immediately visible on every device (smartphone, tablet, and PC). Everybody works with the latest version of the project planning.

On detailed level

Plan tasks and jobs in detail per subcategory. With project planning in build7 you can plan main tasks and subtasks, which, if desired, can be integrated to specific codes pertaining to specific activities. By adding employees to the tasks, an employee is able to see exactly where and when they are planned and as an organization you have a clear overview of your capacity.

Progress report

By connecting tasks to specific pre-defined activity codes, you enable yourself to track your progress at all times and through all stages of the project. By collecting and registering data at the source, your productivity becomes immediately visible.


Projects are planned according to start and end dates. Through this, build7 creates an overview of the actual situation.

Share with third-parties

Share your projects with subcontractors and other involved parties.

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