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Bouw7’s applications can be used on both tablet and mobile phone. We support Android and iOS and because of this, almost everybody with a smartphone or tablet can use bouw7 on location.

Most of our clients use the standard bouw7 environment and ditto applications. 9 out of 10 times, this can be linked immediately to existing administrative programs which means little to no delay and start working more efficient immediately. It is not without reason why we say: More time for the real work!

Next to our bouw7 applications, we also develop custom software for the construction industry. Mostly these are applications which completely focus on the company process of a construction company or the construction group.

Bouw7 can make a change for 99% of the companies in the construction industry by tomorrow because our cloudsoftware enables you to start immediately. Are you wondering what bouw7 can do for your company? Register now for a 30 days free trial account or request a free consultation.

Experience the positive impact of bouw7 on your company!

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