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Risks on the construction site, mileage registration and time sheets are visible to my colleagues thanks to the app. I also have direct insight into spent hours and am able to make a precise progress report. In short, it is a solid ‘working tool’.

Bouwgroep Dijkstra DraismaHenk Borger, Building Foreman

It is very practical to always have all the information in my pocket. In addition, the stacks of paper in my company car are also a thing of the past.

Gils Bouw, Service & OnderhoudRoelof, Construction Force

The previous generation did not consider digitization necessary. We, the new generation, see great advantages here like; time savings, real-time insight & future sustainability.

H.J. Talsma & ZonenJan Rikus Talsma, Owner

We now have complete insight into a project. With a push of a button we can get real-time insight into the costs. Thanks to these developments, our margins have increased enormously.

Bouwbedrijf RijkPeter Vader, Financial Manager

Experience the positive effects of Exact build7 on your company

The applications of Exact build7 can be used on both tablets and mobile phones. We support both Android and iOS, so practically anyone with a smartphone or tablet can use Exact build7 on location.

Most of our clients use the standard Exact build7 environment and ditto applications. This is 9 of 10 times almost directly linkable to existing administration programs and means little to no delay and enables immediately to work more efficient. It’s for a good reason we say: More time for the real job!

In addition to our Exact build7 applications, we also develop custom software for the construction sector. These are often applications that are completely focused on the business process of a specific construction company or construction group.

Tomorrow already, Exact build7 can make a difference for 99% of companies in the construction sector, because you can start using our cloud software immediately. Are you curious what Exact build7 can mean for your company? Request a trial account now (30 days free) or request a free consultation.

Experience the positive effects of Exact build7 on your company!

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