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Work Sheets

Relevant information available at all time

Improve your project management

The extensive work order tools offer you all the functionalities you’re looking for in setting up a work order. You quickly select a contact, note down adittional information that is relevant and submit the worked hours. You can also easily add activities and materials. Work sheets in build7 make it simple.

Copy materials/delivery notes

In Exact build7, delivery notes and photos or files of delivery receipts can be automatically copied to the work order. Materials in your own stock can be easily selected from a self-predefined list. You’ll never have to note down information twice, which prevents any errors.

Automatically submit

You often submit identical information twice in a work order or invoice. Exact build7 automatically fills out the required information which you created and submitted in a previous stadium. It is unnecessary to submit the same information again and again.

Additional work

In case of additional work, any extra activities or materials can be easily added to the worksheet. These items are saved separately and can thus be invoiced separately as well. You can have additional work be signed immediately by the client on location. Either on your smartphone or tablet; Exact build7 makes it simple!


Because of the fact that Exact build7 works in the cloud, work sheets can be prepared or edited from your office and adjusted from any location if necessary. Everyone involved in the project has got access to the latest version of the work sheets at any place and time.

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