Project management


Automatically generate invoices

Invoice directly from build7

Build7 has an advanced invoice module that speeds up the invoicing of your projects. All information submitted during a project is available to be invoiced and is ordered automatically by build7.

Accepted or Time & material

Accepted work can be divided into terms, which creates the possibility to bill your work in terms as well. It is also possible to bill through a time and material contract. This is a completely new experience because all information is already processed in the administration.

One click of a button

Through one click on a button, a project can be completed and invoiced directly to the client. The only thing you have to do is check and edit if need be.

Facturatie in bouw7 op laptop

Your own design

Within our invoice module, you can upload your own design. Clients will receive invoices that are recognizable with your own logo and company information.

Instantly send the invoice

From both a tablet or a computer it is possible to send invoices to the client.  Because contact information is stored in the build7 software, you do not have to submit or check the data for the second time.

Open invoices

The build7 invoice module shows you exactly how many invoices are still open and how many are paid. You can easily indicate the payments of a client manually. The number of days an invoice is open is also displayed. If desired, build7 can also automatically send a reminder. Your administration becomes a breeze in build7!

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