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"The previous generation did not consider digitization to be necessary. Being the new generation, we see great advantages here, such as: time savings, real-time insight & sustainability."

Jan Rikus Talsma - Owner
The first generation of Talsma’s started to build the company in 1923. Construction company Talsma is therefore the longest existing construction company of Drachten. Bouwbedrijf Talsma is a truly all-round construction company. New construction, renovation and maintenance work and more belong to the company’s activities . Meanwhile, a new trio of the 4th generation has taken over the baton.

Jan Rikus Talsma

Arend Geert Talsma


Jan Rikus Talsma – Owner: “Since the beginning of 2018, I am one of the new owners of the family business. Standing at the wheel of the construction company Talsma together with the three co-owners is a fantastic challenge. In addition to the overall management of the organization, I am involved in calculation and work preparation. Our team consists of 20 employees and the work we carry out is very diverse.

As new owners we started together with an external consultant, looking for improvement points. The goal of this project was to look ahead, to modernize and to make the organization future-proof. In consultation with the external consultant, we have come to the conclusion that the administrative work took far too much time. In the case of receipts for housing corporations, for example, a lot of time was lost due to the many administrative procedures. For each receipt the hours and materials were registered on paper. All these data had to be manually processed at the office at a later time.

Until April 2018 we worked the, to us as members of the family company, old familiar way. The previous generation did not necessarily consider automation necessary. Being the new generation, we see great advantages here such as; time savings, real-time insight & sustainability.

We have chosen to work with build7 because we think it is important to always be able to see the current state of affairs. Another important reason is that we can invoice much faster. Previously it took at least a week before the invoice went out, with build7 this is possible immediately after finishing a project. It was also important for us to streamline the project monitoring. In the past, we monitored the projects in a self-developed Excel sheet. Project monitoring has now been streamlined and linked with our other software 2jours and Twinfield.

All in all, I would absolutely recommend build7. Since we work with build7, we save a considerable amount of time concerning administrative work. By working with build7 we have made our family business even more future-proof. In addition, build7 is an investment that is being recouped.”

Benefits for the entire team and company

Arend Geert Talsma – Owner: “Halfway through 2018 I came to construction company Talsma as one of the three new owners. In addition to my role as owner, I work within the organization as a project leader and work planner. Since I have been working at our family business, we have used build7. I have had a shortened crash course to master build7. Now and then it happens that I encounter something in build7 that I don’t understand. In that case, the live chat is often very helpful.

Since I started within the company I have been working to create support for automation, and therefore build7. As owners, we saw the profit for the entire team and the company in this area. Such a big change is of course a long-term process within a traditional company. It struck me that in the beginning there was a small drop in the employees about the motivation to automate. However, now that everyone is accustomed to the new way of working, the whole team sees the benefits.

We have consciously chosen to expand step by step and get more out of the functionalities of build7. For example, we are now ready to monitor the projects on monitoring codes. We will now also draw up the short-term planning on the basis of these monitoring codes. In this way we will get the maximum potential out of build7, step by step.

It is nice to see that build7 is in full development and that the company and product do not stand still. A nice addition for example, of which I have heard that it is under development, is that you gain more insight into the available capacity, in terms of personnel.

All in all, I am very satisfied with working with build7 and the support we receive.”

Henricus – Construction contractor: “”I have been a construction contractor at Bouwbedrijf Talsma for a number of years. Since the beginning I was used to working with our little workbook. The hours, materials and subcontractors I logged among other things in this workbook. I delivered this booklet to administration at the end of the week, where it would be processed then. Switching to build7 and working with a tablet was a big change and really took some getting used to. In particular, I had to get used to the fact that everything had to be logged in the tablet.
In addition, I am not really a ‘computer hero’, but I picked it up surprisingly easily. The sessions with the consultant, in which I could ask questions, helped me on my way. I now like to work with it and to figure out how to do things in build7.

Of course there are always things that can be done better, the quick registration of additional work, for example, I found easier on paper. But this is a matter of ‘getting used to’. Now that I am used to build7, I find it very practical and it also saves me an hour of administrational work per week. ”

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