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Gils Bouw, Service & Onderhoud

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Ramon Vermeulen, Controller at Gils Bouw, Service & Onderhoud: “In our organization, we always strive to keep up with the latest developments and to make use of the newest tools and techniques.

Being a Controller, I am constantly looking for solutions that enable us to work faster and more efficiently. For example, a few years ago we started using modern tools for communication, such as smartphones and tablets. These communication tools have proven to be an extremely positive contribution to our way of working. However, we had the feeling that there was still a profit to be made, because of the fact that we were using several different systems instead of one. Thus we started our search for a complete solution, in which we could bundle everything in one system.

We found this solution in the software package of build7 from Dokkum. Build7 has ensured that our communication and processes are transparent and visible to all our employees.”

Roelof, construction worker at Gils Bouw, Service & Onderhoud: “I have experienced all the developments and changes within the company. The last major changes being the switch to modern means of communication and build7. The administration on paper, which I have worked with from the beginning, I had to trade in for a tablet. In the beginning it took some time to get used to, but now I can not work without it anymore.

After a few weeks I had already fully mastered the application of build7. I can recommend it to everyone and I never want to go back to the paperwork. It is very practical to always have all the information I need in my pocket. Next to that, the stacks of paper in my company car are also a thing of the past.”

Dennis Kok, director Gils Bouw, Service & Onderhoud: “From all layers of our organization I’m hearing positive sounds regarding working with build7. By working in just one system, it is clear for everyone what needs to be done, what is expected and what the status of the projects. The communication between the colleagues at the offices and at the locations has been considerably smoother since the use of build7, as all employees have the same overviews on their desks or in their pocket on site.

Because all information is retrievable in realtime and at any location, there are fewer misunderstandings between colleagues and fewer mistakes are made.”

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