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"Subsequent calculation was always a time-consuming and fallible job. Now subsequent calculations are no longer necessary because we are continuously monitoring our projects."

Niels van Baal - Owner


Working in various Excel sheets, we experienced a lack of overview and control. As the company grew and the complexity of the projects increased, the lack of overview and control grew as well. Subsequent calculations took more and more time and the chance of making errors increased.


The construction management software of build7 has ensured that Firm Construction now has full control over its business and projects. The company is able to monitor all projects in realtime and interventions are only mady by exception.


Stephan van Lonkhuizen & Niels van Baal – Owners Firm Construction: “Starting in 2015, I, Niels, actually logged everything in different, self-developed Excel sheets. Being on my own, this was still workable and overseeable. When Stephan joined in 2017, it quickly became clear that there was a lack of overview and control. We got to work on more and more complex and larger projects. We therefore had the need to manage our costs better and make them more visible. We also wanted to collaborate efficiently and to professionalize in order to make Firm Construction future-proof and growth-proof. We therefore have the ambition to hire more people in the short term. Additionally, it was also not always clear where we earned money because the subsequent calculation sometimes remained undone. Subsequent calculation was always a time-consuming and fallible task. As a result, we saw the need to gain more control through automation and to lay a solid foundation for the future of Firm Construction.

Build7 implementation

During our search for a solution to streamline project administration and to start working paperless, we encountered build7. From then on the ball started rolling. The fact that build7 works in the cloud has been one of the decisive factors for us to choose for build7. We continuously have insight into our planning and projects, anytime and anyplace. Since February 2018 we work with build7. We, Niels and Stephan, now use all the functionalities of build7. Our bookkeeper also works with our build7 environment. The boys on site mainly work with the mobile app for planning, logging hours and registering materials.

Since we work with build7, subsequent calculation is no longer necessary because we are monitoring the projects in realtime. The build7 platform will become more interesting the more you work with it. Working with build7 in combination with Twinfield and Basecone has lifted our way of working to a higher level and saves us a lot of time. We now have everything in one place and are able to view the projects we run in detail. When we sit down together and ask ourselves: What is the status of this project? We can actually see this instead of estimating. Build7 also contributed to the continuity of the organization and the continuity of our projects. If one of us is absent, the project can easily be taken over by the others because everything is recorded in the same way and in one system. Because we monitor all our projects at cost code level, we get the maximum out of build7. We notice that we are really starting to reap the benefits. All in all, build7 is highly recommended.”

F.l.t.r.: Niels van Baal, Sander Cornege & Stephan van Lonkhuizen

Sander Cornege – Contracter Firm Construction: “As a contractor/cooperating foreman, I manage the projects and coach the boys during the renovations. Previously I processed my entire administration in Excel, also the quotations I made in Excel. When I was on the road, I wrote everything on scraps of paper and kept the receipts of material. When I started to process everything in the evening, I sometimes had trouble remembering what all the notes where exactly about. It did work this way to do the administration work, but I did not really have an overview and of course it was very susceptible to errors. Still, until then, I had not considered working digital. I’m just not that handy with computers, from one mistake I already get totally stressed out.

Less stressful

Since half a year I’m working with build7 and I must say, this really took some getting used to in the beginning. But after a few months, working with build7 has actually become quite natural to me. It is incredibly low-threshold and I am really happy about the app. Quickly taking a photo of a delivery note and upload it, or keeping the daily log and adding a few pictures, it is all done in a heartbeat. Because I have everything at hand in my phone, I can quickly check or find something. I can quickly check whether the hours on the invoice are correct. Since I also cooperate at the construction site, I still have to do some administrational work at the computer in the evening, but amount of work has become much less thanks to build7. This saves me a lot of time and gives me clarity. Build7 has given me peace and quiet, I now have everything at hand in my phone.”

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