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File management

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Optimize your document workflow

The management tools in Exact build7 offer you all possibilities you need to digitalize your documents in a structured way. Quickly select a document, note down extra information, update drawings; Exact build7 makes it simple.

Stop printing

Drawings, budgets, construction specifications, or other documents are delivered by email en can be placed within your Exact build7 environment with one click. Once saved, documents are visible on tablets, smartphones, and PC’s, and are only accessable for the employees you select.

Automatic updates

Because Exact build7 works in the cloud, drawings or other files can be prepared and selected at the office for specific employees. Any edits to the documents are directly visible to all employees on the project, ensuring everyone is working with the latest versions.

Down to the last detail

Digital drawings can be accessed in fine detail by zooming in without loosing sharpness. In combination with a mobile view on tablets and smartphones, you will get to know a completely new user experience.


All files in Exact build7 are saved in specified projects. All essential information can easily be retrieved and you won’t have to search long to find the data you need. As a result, physically saving documents now belongs to the past.

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