Project management

Employee planning

A clear and concise overview of the week.

Employee planning in Exact build7

Exact build7 offers you an electronic planning tool that can be personalized to your company’s needs. The planning board for employee planning shows you in one glance who is scheduled where and what activities are planned.

Always up-to-date

With the planning tool of Exact build7, everyone on the project (employees, subcontractors) has access to the latest version of the planning. Our planning is in realtime, so when you change something in the office, it will immediately be visible on the construction site through the mobile applications on iOS & Android. Because of this realtime function, users of Exact build7 never have to worry whether they have access to the latest version of the planning.

Per day, week or month

In the Exact build7 web application, you can easily assign a project to an employee or a group of employees. At this point, you can also indicate whether a project is outsourced, in progress, or already delivered. This way, your planning remains clean and you can see in one glance what your current situation is.

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