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Making the most of opportunities

You have chosen Exact build7 and thus you have chosen to work smarter, faster and more efficiently. In addition to providing a complete software solution, we also offer personal support and new insights. Making the most out of Exact build7, that’s what makes us happy!


Hielke Rijpstra, Exact build7 consultant

My goal is to make the transition to Exact build7 as smooth as possible. I will show you step by step how to map both opportunities and risks, and how you can respond to them. Together we map the current business processes which we then optimize. Together we will make your company even more profitable than it already is!

Deputy Director, Bouwbedrijf Boogert

“In a fun way, the features of Exact build7 are trained and applied in the daily process. After the training days with our contractors, project managers and work planners, Jurjen (build7 consultant) gave us valuable advice to optimize our business processes.”

The Exact build7 consultant

If you choose a new software, there will be a change in your company’s workflow. Despite the fact that Exact build7 focusses on simplicity and ease of use, we understand that you will have questions for us. We notice that with the help of training, organizations are better able to work with Exact build7. The Exact build7 consultant will teach you and your colleagues all the ins and outs of our software, so that you can get the maximum result out of Exact build7. We use our expertise to make you a Exact build7 expert.

Why consultancy

Our goal is to make the transition to Exact build7 as smooth as possible. Our focus lies not only on the software of Exact build7, but also on the effects of this change of software on your company. Exact build7 offers many advantages and creates new opportunities. With the tailor-made training sessions you will learn how to perfectly respond to all of these benefits and new opportunities! Get advice on all aspects of your business process and immediately save a lot of time

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