These are the features of Exact build7

Our software is suitable for all companies in the construction industry.

Exact build7 construction software is a complete, cloud-based software solution for companies in the construction industry. You’ll find an overview of the features below:


Exact build7 makes it possible for you to fully automate the administration of worksheets. From time-, material- and waste sheets, to adding additional work and invoicing. Read more

Time tracking

You can use your tablet or smartphone to view timesheets of yourself and your colleagues and subcontractors, and see which project they are linked to. Read more

Customer Relations

From detailed customer records and payment terms to complete customer history: relationship management has never been easier. Read more

Project management

Manage your projects with a few simple clicks, whether you’re on the road or working at the office. Project information, such as delivery notes, can also be automatically processed if required. Read more


Exact build7 provides an electronic planning board that you can organize according to your own requirements. The planning board presents a clean overview of the scheduled work in one glance. Read more


All hours, materials and delivery notes are booked for each project. Once a project has been completed, all you need to do is check the invoice and send it digitally to the client. Read more

File management

Exact build7 supports the most commonly used file formats, which is why Exact build7 software is often used for file management as well. Read more

Quality and Safety

Exact build7 for your quality and safety management. Improve the quality of your processes, services, and overall organisation. Read more

Many companies in the construction industry have thinned out their workforce. However, the projects and responsibilities have not decreased. This means less people have to do the same or even more work in the same amount of time.

By using Exact build7 construction management software, you will structure your own and your colleague’s ways of working. Because of this, you will do more with less.

We have developed Exact build7 to simplify the administrative processes for all employees in the construction industry. Our cloud solution will help you to immediately save costs due to an increased productivity and by reducing risks thanks to a better provision of information.

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