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Exact build7 Control

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100% in control of your Projects

Our goal is to encourage executives and project leaders to make important decisions based on historical data. Our technology offers an exclusive view into the future, predicts the progress of your projects and tells you what to do. Use Exact build7 Control to make considered decisions and create peace.


Predictive Reports

Exact build7 generates reports that provide insight into productivity. Both opportunities and risks are mapped, with an accuracy of no less than 90%. Let the platform work for you, prevent mistakes and come to new insights. Save up to millions of euros – more revenue with the same overhead.


Intelligent notification center

Create 100% peace with a platform that works for you and takes away your worries. Receive notifications of possible problems. The platform sends you reminders and tells you what to do. Executors and foremen are kept up-to-date with real time data. Avoid delays and cost overruns so that margins can increase.


"We let construction companies become acquainted with the infinite possibilities of technology."

Drone technologie

Exact build7 Control offers you a building in 3D. A detailed model on which you can perform measurements of distances, areas and volumes. These 3D visualisations make it possible to virtually visit, document or inspect a building. Normally these processes take weeks to perform – now they can be done in one day.


Artificial Intelligence

Never before in construction could one look this far into the future. With Exact build7 Control, productivity is converted into prognosis using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Automatically generated predictions expose both risks and opportunities. Activities that impede construction are a thing of the past – create more time for the real job.


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