These are the bouw7 apps

Available for iOS, Android and web.

From your tablet, mobile phone of computer

Bouw7 is software which has been developed to simplify all administrative processes for all employees who work in construction. With bouw7 construction software, your planning, material processing, time tracking and billing will be done quickly and everything will be directly in the cloud.

All information can be easily filled in and linked to a project from your tablet or your mobile phone. A lot of the fields will be filled in automatically. This way, Bouw7 prevents that you have to keep filling in the same information over and over.

The apps of bouw7 are in a direct (secured) connection with the cloud. Because of this, all progress, change and administration which is being done from your phone or tablet can be immediately made visible on any web browser worldwide.This way, it’s possible to look into different kind of working activities at ongoing projects from the office. All entries are being processed immediately and because of this it is possible to print an invoice from every project.

Start within 10 seconds with bouw7

We don’t need your payment details. With your own Bouw7 account you just log in and get down to work via the apps! More information about specific solutions for your company?